Friday, January 27, 2012

This or That Thursday - Micah with hat, Cole's book about God

See I can't even get these up on Thursday and I don't necessarily like the quality of either of them. I hate taking pictures inside my house. I never can seem to get the settings right. But I thought they were cute enough to share.

Micah was playing with these tangram shapes during school time and she put the bucket on her head. Of course, anytime I go to take her picture she wants me to take 3 of them, because she's 3 of course!
When I was putting my camera up, Cole climbed onto to the bucket of books and grabbed this book "to read". He just looked so cute. It was a little blurry so I thought that the sepia made it look a little better.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This or That Thursday - Cole & Chalk

I want to try to do more with my photography than I did last year. I became such a slacker! But I don't know how many opportunities I'm going to get with a new baby on the way. Deb has an opportunity to share any type of photos on Thursday called "This or That Thursday". I love Deb's photos and thought this was something that I could participate in when I had the chance.

So here's my picture for today. Cole writing with chalk on a Thursday afteroon. He's the baby right now, but not for much longer. So it's great to capture these photos. They grow so fast, don't they!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

MCP Project 12-1 ~ Resolution

My resolution is to read through the Bible in a year. I took a similar picture of this same thing last year for a scavenger hunt. I got further along last year than I did in 2010, but I still never made it all the way through. My kids took my Bible outside one day and lost my paper that had where I was in my reading and I couldn't remember. Photobucket

MCP Project 12

Since we ended the Mommytography 365 project last year, my photography has been on the back burner.  I didn’t think I could do a 365 project this year with a new baby coming in February.  I thought about doing a 52 week project, but still didn’t know if I could keep up with that with a new baby, homeschooling, church activities, etc.  However, this year MCP is doing a Project 12 which allows the participant to take a month to take a photo or multiple photos based on the theme. I figure I should be able to keep up with this.

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