Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beach Portraits

They may not be that good since I haven't been practicing, but they still capture the memories.
 photo 4x6-0913604_zps0751b439.jpg photo 4x6-0913538_zps66e1245d.jpg  photo 4x6-0913713_zps994842b9.jpg photo 4x6-0913773_zps630f7177.jpg photo 4x6-0913758_zps9a18e972.jpg  photo 4x6-0913802_zps538540fb.jpg photo 4x6-0913808_zps05e92624.jpg  photo 4x6-0913835_zps2c3b9bec.jpg photo 4x6-0913843_zpse36bcab7.jpg photo 4x6-0913833_zpsc097004a.jpg photo 4x6-0913474_zps87d57bf7.jpg photo 4x6-0913836_zpsc684a55a.jpg photo 4x6-0913471_zps83985692.jpg  photo 4x6-0913500_zps7f6262a1.jpg photo 4x6-0913502_zpsde859d02.jpg photo 4x6-0913511_zpsef88159b.jpg photo 4x6-0913485_zps512d5870.jpg  photo 4x6-0913681_zps07b74da4.jpg photo 4x6-0913885_zps87d3b40b.jpg photo 4x6-0913976_zpsf3ec0717.jpg photo 4x6-0913947_zps50e1247a.jpg photo 4x6-0913910_zps8a613962.jpg  photo 4x6-0913943_zps894b01d8.jpg photo 4x6-0913933_zpse2e3c257.jpg  photo 4x6-0913994_zps85b039b7.jpg

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Portraits 2013

I took the pictures of the kids the Thursday before Easter. It's always better to take them before Easter so they won't be as tired and the lighting is better. I wasn't totally satisfied with the group shots but Luke wasn't feeling well and that's about as good as you get with 7 kids especially when I didn't have anyone helping me to get their attention, etc.

 photo 4x6-0313726_zps874cc2f3.jpg photo 4x6-0313822_zps72e74e5b.jpg
 photo 4x6-0313871_zps4bb5536b.jpg  photo 4x6-0313788_zpsbb5b9ed0.jpg photo 4x6-0313769_zpsb3c12812.jpg
 photo 4x6-0313876_zps5f0bdeda.jpg photo 4x6-0313924_zps46799cac.jpg  photo 4x6-0313636_zpsf0175a6d.jpg photo 4x6-0313691_zps6da27fe1.jpg  photo 4x6-0313611_zps527b332b.jpg photo 4x6-0313619_zps43b046d8.jpg  photo 4x6-0313588_zps4241fbf0.jpg photo silly-0313548_zps06d47999.jpg

This was taken on Easter Sunday after church so it was really bright since it was around noon. I need to start scoping out better places in the yard that might be better but it's hard since we don't have any tall trees.  photo 4x6-03131111_zps592a52db.jpg

Friday, October 5, 2012

Beach Portraits 2012

I'm not happy with the ones for this year, but it's my own fault. We stayed at the beach longer during the day which meant later naps which meant by the time they got up we were losing the light. Then add in a grouchy 2-year old and a baby which meant I was losing my patience...oh well, you live and learn! So I just tried some different actions to help with lack of light. But I'm never sure what exactly to do to make it better and I don't want to spend lots of time on them. So this is what I got.
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Now really no light...just turned it on Auto with the pop-up flash (GASP)!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This or That Thursday–Cousins

Cole & Elliott going for a wagon ride.

Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Easter Portraits

Yesterday evening I attempted to take the kids' Easter portraits. Here's the best one... Photobucket
Although this one is more of a typical pose: Photobucket
The boys
The girls...Melody was not too happy about taking a picture
Luke - he's easy to take pictures of although you sometimes get the fake smile
Cameron - pretty easy too, but I think the 2nd one is more him but I didn't get him centered well
Miriam - most of hers were the same...more of a fake smile, but then I got some more natural ones but her hair was more messed up
Levi - you never know what you're going to get
Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Micah - oh the drama!
Cole - I was lucky to get one where he was somewhat looking (although it's kinda blurry)
Poor Melody was not in a good mood, so I'll have to try to take some of her on Sunday.

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