Friday, June 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #2

This was fun as usual! I can't wait for the next one.

  1. the American flag – taken at a gravesite
  2. fresh cut grass – I had to wait till Craig cut the grass today to finish my slide show.
  3. watermelon – Miriam eating her 3rd piece of watermelon
  4. blossom – new bell pepper
  5. sharpened pencil
  6. gas prices – I originally just took some of signs while driving around this week.  But after driving the kids to camp all week, I ended up having to get some gas so I was able to get a different shot that I like better.
  7. hot dog and/or hamburger – We specifically went to Sonic one day for lunch so I could get a hotdog.  And we ate outside in the 100 degree heat so I could take the picture. 
  8. ice – our extra ice bowl we keep in the freezer
  9. your favorite tv show or movie – Ever since I was little, Grease has been my favorite movie.  I love singing along with all the songs…if it’s on tv, I usually turn it on.  It wasn’t till I was older that I realized it probably wasn’t appropriate for kids…so I guess that’s explains why I only have a vcr tape of it and not a dvd.
  10. a bird house – it’s hanging on a tree at a house at the end of our street
  11. reflection of the sky – I’ve been in the van a lot this week taking the kids back and forth to music camp.  This was taken in the side mirror.  It’s a reflection of the side of the van with a reflection of the clouds.
  12. wheel(s) – not really a Hot Wheels car, but still has wheels
  13. clock – I kept debating on which clock to take a picture of.  We have many around the house.  Then I noticed these 2 clocks.  One is in our living room. The other is right outside the back door.  However, neither of them have the right time.  The one inside doesn’t even have a battery in it!
  14. summer shoes (sandals, flip flops) – How’s this for summer shoes?  I have 3 rows for summer shoes and only 1 for winter shoes.  Normally they’re not that organized.  They’re usually in a heap on the floor.
  15. milk – Pouring milk on cereal.  I’m one of those bad fun moms that lets their kids eat Cocoa Puffs.  Actually I was the one who ate that bowl!
  16. dust – Do you think I need to dust at all?  This is the bottom of a college type desk that sits in our bedroom. 
  17. the name of your state – I debated on what to take a picture of for this as well.  I had a few thoughts, but they all had to do with a college.  Craig went to Louisiana Tech and I went to LSU.  So we have plenty of things with the word Louisiana on it.  I took this while I was waiting for the kids to get out of their music camp.  Also it’s not very common for LSU to be spelled out.
  18. spell your name with a food – Of course, with my name being Candi I wanted to use candy to spell out my name.  I wanted something colorful so I bought M&M’s, but since I wanted to eat them later I didn’t want the plain ones.  So I bought the dark chocolate with peanuts.  However, this made it harder to spell out my name since they were uneven and kept wanting to move around.  (Side note:  Luke read the list of items for the scavenger hunt and spelled out my name in pretzel sticks when he was eating a snack.  But he never took a picture of it because he said the tablecloth wasn’t a good background…LOL!)
  19. your favorite store – Sorry, but I’m one of those people who love Walmart!  You can buy almost anything there and don’t have to run all over town making different stops.  Plus they have an easy return policy…notice I have something in my buggy to return.
  20. a photo taken upside down – This is Levi climbing up the rock wall.  I was lying down on the turf looking up which made the camera be upside down.


Kristal June 3, 2011 at 10:48 PM  

Great job Candi! I just finished mine and it will post in the morning. I love doing the scavenger hunts... wish more people would do them!

Tracy June 3, 2011 at 10:59 PM  

Awesome JOB! I love the shoes and the hot dog!!! LOL!

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